Monday, June 27, 2011

More Non-Answers From Republicans

I've written many political letters in my time as a political advocate, I write so many that on the sparse occasion when I do get a response I often have forgotten that I wrote a letter to whomever is replying to me in the first place. Its commonplace for advocates' questions and concerns to be summarily ignored.

As many of you may be already aware, a bill was introduced by Barney Frank and Ron Paul (HR 2306). This bill would remove marijuana from the classification of being a "Schedule 1" substances. A schedule 1 substance is a substance that is viewed as a substance that is highly dangerous and that has "no medicinal value". Being the marijuana advocate and American that I am I wrote Joe Wilson, I've written Joe Wilson probably hundreds of times by this point, he never really gives substantive replies to my queries but for some reason this time it really irked me.

In response to my well reasoned, well thought out letter listing the multitudes of reasons why this bill would be good for America and line up with his values as a republican I got a less than three paragraph long form letter that parroted many of the facts that I already stated in my original letter. I was pretty well offended to say the least, it doesn't seem to me an insurmountable task to say weather or not you support a bill, it would literally be one extra sentence to add "I Do/Don't support HR 2306. He wouldn't even have to list his reasons to gain my respect, he would just have to tell me the truth as a voter and an American I feel I deserve that respect. But no, all I get are non-answers and lip-service from the office of Joe Wilson.

At least when I wrote Jim DeMint about "Don't ask, don't tell" he had the political balls to say thanks for writing but I don't think that this is the right direction to go in. I think DeMint is a social conservative who would rather women stayed in the kitchen and gay people, by means he is not willing to explain, just went away all together, but at least his office is honest about its bigotry. Not so much can be said about the office of Joe Wilson, Mr. Wilson could afford to take a page from Mr. DeMint's playbook.

By the way I didn't vote for either of you :D

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