Thursday, February 10, 2011

HR3: A Letter to Congressman Wilson

Dear Congressman Wilson,

I am writing this letter in regards to the HR3 that is being debated right now by the house of representatives. This bill as you are probably well aware was written by Chris Smith of New Jersey. I know that you are staunchly pro-life but I am writing this letter to encourage you to please stand in opposition to this bill. This bill would re-define the definition of rape to only include rapes which involved the use of physical force or involved the usage of a weapon. This new definition would exclude rapes that occurred as a result of the use the the date rape drug (GHB). If a woman is unconscious she cannot consent to sex, therefore this definition of rape should remain. This new definition would also exclude incestuous rapes which often occur under only emotional duress and not physical duress. The new definition would also exclude statutory rape. This means that if a young teenage girl consents to have relations with someone in a position of trust or authority over her (such as an employer, teacher or coach) than that will also not count as rape.

If nothing else you should at least question these new definitions. Rape is something that is hard for a woman to recover from and a rape is no less traumatic if physical force is not used as a tool of manipulation by the perpetrator.

This bill would also eliminate the tax exemption for organizations such as planned parenthood who not only provide affordable abortions, but they also provide STD screenings, prenatal checkups, gynecological check ups and counseling about birth control and condoms. This move is a very thinly veiled anti-woman action.

The banning or limiting of abortions that this bill seeks will do nothing to cease the performance of abortions, it will only put the lives of the woman getting the abortion in danger. I would hope that my country's representative would be interested in protecting the lives of its people, by reducing harm by keeping safe, affordable abortions legal and not passing the HR3.

Thank you for your time,

Kristen S Aldrich

Columbia, South Carolina

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