Friday, June 18, 2010

Glass Veins: An Experimental Poem I Wrote

I wrote this poem but I'm not entirely sure what the inspiration was, but I read it to my friend Sean and he loved it and said I should post it. Its still a little rough, but because its so experimental I want some opinions/constructive criticism. 

Glass Veins 

I posses eyes that resemble that resemble smoke filled globes that portend fates that twist and bed though time.
You say your veins are made of glass,
That if you move too fast they'll shatter and lacerate the inside of your soul,
I can't offer many words that console.
All I can offer is a promise,
A promise that I won't let your veins shatter and crack.
I mystify you with antiquated words,
Smoke and mirrors.
I lead you to a gypsy fortune teller who sees eternity in the lines in your palms.
She reads your thoughts.
Cards hit the surface of of a silk covered table,
but even lush fabrics can't stop the fates from counting down.
Hearts are palpitating,
counting down the seconds to a fate you can't escape.
My crystal ball vision is obscured,
It grows more foggy the more I try to look.
My ocular globes have filled with smoke.
I am not meant to see,
I am not meant to intervene.
For years I tried not to see, tried not to dream,
because my dreams were obscene,
my dreams made me scream.
But now I try to see,
I delve deep into my sixth sense.
It may be too late,
I can't change your fate.
All I can offer is this promise,
I won't let your veins break.
All I can hope is that this is not your fate.
That your insides will not lacerate.   

I'm thinking of getting my hair cut in this style, what do you think? This is how long my hair is now:

I'm thinking about changing it because the long hair is really hard to manage with my hairs texture and its always getting in my face. I also want a unique hairstyle, lots of girls have long wavy hair, so having a different look would make me happier. Leave your comments below, I'm interested in other opinions.

Love and Respect,

~Krissy Aldrich  18 June 2010


  1. That was really good, its now my fav poem. I did not get to hear the rest from the first one. Its really deep kinda hit's home u know. O and that is a sweet hair do, if u want to cut ur hair i think u would look hot as hell, just sayin

  2. Hi ,

    How you doing?

    Well tried wrote very well ..just keep writing as you are a writer you know how easy it is , when we write with flow .. so just keep on trying ..the poet within is about to come out with vivid ideas...4 sure ..

    All the best ..

    Have a nice time take care.
    if you got time do visit back ..
    keep smiling :)

  3. Spider veins increase with age and are quite common in the elderly. There is also a genetic basis, since the veins tend to run in families.